Fire Break & Weed Mowing

When used judiciously, at the proper time of the year and in the proper manner; mowing can be a useful wildlife habitat management tool: It can be used to help control annual weed growth when establishing native warm season grasses; to stress native warm season grass stands that have become too thick; to control the invasion of woody stems in a grassland; to create a diversity in vegetation heights; to maintain firebreaks and trails; and to reduce the amount of standing vegetation prior to conducting a prescribed fire or herbicide treatment.

Firebreaks that have been seeded to legumes or a mixture of grasses and legumes should be mown frequently. Frequent mowing keeps the vegetation short and lush, and reduces the buildup of thatch that could potentially carry fire across the fire break. The other exception is where a thick grass sod needs to be maintained to prevent critical erosion problems.

We can be contracted to take care of these issues and potential hazards.  

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fire break mowing