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Excellent service! Lee and his crew have done my yard care and sprinkler maintenance for two years. They are great to work with. I was especially impressed that Lee helped me diagnose a sprinkler problem and explained to me how easy it would be to fix so that I could fix the problem myself! Lee also updated the sprinkler system and maintained the yard at my parents' house when we put it on the market. Great, personal service!
Sharla Hart
We have used Yard Care services for our rental property for our yard care and snow removal needs. They have excellent services with a good price. They provide A+ customer service and are always willing to take on and complete tasks on or before deadlines. I would highly recommend Yard care services to anyone in need of yard care or snow removal services.
Ryan Simpson
Yard Care Services took care of the landscaping for my rental properties. The price was right and the service was better than expected. I'd recommend them any day.
Huk Lebry